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  1. Neotermes acceptus Mathews
  2. Neotermes araguaensis Snyder
  3. Neotermes arthurimuelleri (Rosen)
  4. Neotermes brevinotus (Snyder)
  5. Neotermes castaneus (Burmeister)
  6. Neotermes chilensis (Blanchard)
  7. Neotermes cubanus (Snyder)
  8. Neotermes fulvescens (Silvestri)
  9. Neotermes glabriusculus Oliveira
  10. Neotermes hirtellus (Silvestri)
  11. Neotermes holmgreni Banks
  12. Neotermes jouteli (Banks)
  13. Neotermes kartaboensis (Emerson)
  14. Neotermes larseni (Light)
  15. Neotermes luykxi Nickle & Collins
  16. Neotermes magnoculus (Snyder)
  17. Neotermes modestus (Silvestri)
  18. Neotermes mona (Banks)
  19. Neotermes paraensis (Lima)
  20. Neotermes setifer Snyder
  21. Neotermes wagneri (Desneux)
  22. Neotermes zanclus Oliveira

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Redescriptions of the Dampwood Termites Neotermes jouteli and N. luykxi (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae) from Florida, Cuba, Bahamas, and Turks and Caicos Islands

Authors: Scheffrahn, Rudolf H.; Krecek, Jan; Su, Nan-Yao

Source: Annals of the Entomological Society of America, Volume 93, Number 4, July 2000 , pp. 785-794(10)

Publisher: Entomological Society of America
Scheffrahn, R. H. and J. Krecek. 1999. Termites of the genus Cryptotermes (Isoptera: Kalotermidae) from the West Indies. Insecta Mundi 13:111–171.
Scheffrahn, R. H., J. P E. C. Darlington, M. S. Collins, J. Krecek, and N-Y. Su. 1994. Termites (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae, Rhinotermitidae, Termitidae) of the West Indies. Sociobiology 24:213–238

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