Neotermes Castaneus
Termes castaneus Burmeister, 1839:764 [imago]
Calotermes castaneus; Hagen, 1858:38 [imago]
Calotermes (Neotermes) castaneus; Holmgren, 1911b:54 [no descr.]
Neotermes castaneus; Banks & Snyder, 1920:32 [imago, soldier; fig. 22]; Krishna, 1961:322 [fig. 7-9 (imago), 10 (soldier)]
Neotermes angustoculus Snyder, 1924d:8 [imago, soldier]. Holotype: USNM (imago); type-loc.: Florida, Paradise Key.
Termes anticus Walker, 1853:523 [imago]. Holotype: BMNH; type-loc.: Honduras.
Neotermes elevatus Banks, 1919:477 [soldier; fig. 11]. Holotype: AMNH; type-loc.: Dominica.
Termes Guatimalae Walker, 1853:528 [imago]. Holotype: BMNH; type-loc.: Guatemala.
Syntypes: MLUH
Type-loc.: Puerto Rico
Distrib.: U.S.: southern Florida; Antilles; Central America; Colombia; Venezuela; Chile
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