Neotermes Chilensis
Termes chilensis Blanchard, 1851:87 [imago, soldier; Lámina 1: fig. 1-3]
Kalotermes chilensis; Desneux, 1906:337 [imago]
Calotermes (Neotermes) chilensis; Holmgren, 1911b:54 [no descr.]
?Calotermes chilensis cayutuensis Goetsch, 1933:229 [imago, soldier]. Type: ?; type-loc.: Chile, Cayutue
?Neotermes chilensis cayutuensis; Snyder, 1949:23 [catal.]
?Calotermes chilensis zapallarensis Goetsch, 1933:229 [soldier]. Type: ?; type-loc.: Chile, Zapallar.
?Neotermes chilensis zapallarensis; Snyder, 1949:24 [catal.]
Syntypes: MNHN?
Type-loc.: Chile
Distrib.: Chile (southernmost record 45ø25'S)
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