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Plant Cell. 2001 March; 13(3): 645–658.

PMCID: PMC135507
Copyright © 2001, American Society of Plant Physiologists
Many Parallel Losses of infA from Chloroplast DNA during Angiosperm Evolution with Multiple Independent Transfers to the Nucleus
Ronny S. Millen,a Richard G. Olmstead,b Keith L. Adams,c Jeffrey D. Palmer,c Nga T. Lao,d Laura Heggie,d Tony A. Kavanagh,d Julian M. Hibberd,e John C. Gray,e Clifford W. Morden,f Patrick J. Calie,g Lars S. Jermiin,h and Kenneth H. Wolfe1d
Adams, K.L., Daley, D.O., Qiu, Y.-L., Whelan, J., and Palmer, J.D. (2000). Repeated, recent and diverse transfers of a mitochondrial gene to the nucleus in flowering plants. Nature 408:, 354–357.

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